Saturday, 9 July 2011

Out and about on a Saturday...

Ooohh... it's nice to get out and about....

It's 'all engines go!' in the fabulous P&C studio at the moment, busy designing and creating for the Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collections, and I must say, it's all looking rather exciting!
So....due to much busy-ness of late, at both work and home, (new kitchen excitement!) I've not really had much chance to get out to have a nosey around the shops to see what niceness can entice me.
There are some lovely things going on with print and pattern, so I thought I'd post a few pics up on the blog.
I didn't get that much time to peruse the rails, but still came across a few nice bits.

I must say, H&M is really doing it for me at the moment, they have some stunning prints in their womenswear collections, and their ethnic look for trans is looking lovely too.

I know I should be trawling the sales for bargains now, but I'll be kinda glad when they've all finished. You can still see high summer, but there are snippets of trans peering through and as lovely as it's all looking, you can't really see the wood (gorgeous new stuff)  for the trees (boring, seen it all for months now stuff...)

Anyway, here a few bits and pieces, and if anyone gets chance to nip out for a bit of a shop this weekend...enjoy!

A few H&M prints; lots of texture, blurred techniques and soft mix and match tribal looks with a bit of delicate 'geo' paisley thrown in for good measure!
Love the sketchy botanical border print and the feather print scarf at the bottom, yum!

 These next three are from M&S, top and bottom from their kidswear collections and the middle one from a ladieswear scarf, thought they were all lovely, especially like the top one!

Aswell as making a few clothing purchases, (it's my birthday soon, so I'm allowed to treat myself) I also bought these lovely notebooks, (can't resist stationery!)  designed by rosehip cards, mmmmm.... love the colours. The larger notebook at the back is by liberty.
And I couldn't resist the cute woodland notebook from accessorize! It's the bird/owl thing again...
(Think there'll be a whole separate blog post for the loveliness going on in there at the moment, some lovely scarf prints and stationery, mmm mmm mmm...)

All in all, a good day, and pleased with my purchases!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend x x x

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  1. LOVE the notebooks by Rosehip Cards, and the one from Liberty too!


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