Thursday, 23 June 2011

Rachel Allen Home Cooking...

I'm loving this book at the moment. 
Gradually working my way through some lovely recipes. 
It's a couple of years old now but I came across it in a bookshop the other day at a ridiculously cheap price and had to buy it! 
(There were too many yummy things in it it to turn down!)
Might just have to have a look at some of her other books...

I can highly recommend the 'Roast Tomato Soup' (with added roasted peppers) mmm.
And the potato cakes will be tried and tested tonight!
Some other 'soon to be given a whirl recipes' are 'Broad bean, mint and feta pasta sauce', 'Chicken casserole with cheesy herb dumplings' and 'Mushroom soup with stuffed mushrooms'.
The book is full of really good everyday, comforting and home cooked recipes that aren't too fussy and don't have endless ingredients lists, perfect for busy days!
It also helps when a cook book is beautifully designed with good layouts, and this won't disappoint with gorgeous title fonts, sweet shop striped pastel pages and lovely photography! 

What more could you want...

Rachel Allen Home Cooking can be found over on amazon

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