Sunday, 22 May 2011

New York New York!

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Well my little blogging friends...I'm back from a fabulous week in New York and the Surtex show!
It was a busy few days and a great experience to be part of such a big surface pattern show.

There was sooo much amazing design and illustration talent on display it was unbelievable, and it was fantastic to be able to meet some of the people whose work I have admired for such a long time, I can now put faces to all of those names! I even got chance to have a looksie around the Stationery show, and again, lots of loveliness to be seen...
(I'm now in love with anything letterpress related after seeing the stands of eggpress, hammerpress and fugu fugu press...)

I had a great time and our Paper and Cloth stand looked fabulous!!!!
For those who made it to the show, I hope you had a great few days filled of inspiration and excitement.

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  1. sensational New York poster. Love the colours. Gillian.


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