Friday, 18 March 2011

Best of both worlds...

I was having a look at the wonderful Creature Comforts blog and came across a post on 'They Draw and Cook'. This really is the best of both worlds; gorgeous illustration, gorgeous recipes to try, yum yum!
The site is a collection of recipes illustrated by artists from around the world.
You can search for recipes by meal type, illustration style or ingredients.
Here a few examples of the treats you can expect to find when you have a look on over there.

I'm liking the look of the Carrot Cupcakes by Madmarz...

and the Crumbly Topped Blueberry Muffins by Angela Matteson

and loving the illustration style of Dinara Mirtalipova with her Chocolate Potato!

and just one more... (theres so many to choose from!)
the Fresh Lemonade recipe illustrated by Valentina Ramos (love her work!)

visit Valentinas blog here.

Here are a few images to tempt you over for a visit...

(The above three images taken from

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