Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Succulents succulents everywhere...

I've had a little obsession building for a while now, and it's all about succulents.
They've been popping up around blog land and pinterest in beautifully styled images for some time now, so the idea of having a lovely little display of these gorgeous little succulents has been in the back of my mind.
I've only read a little about them but they seem incredibly easy to look after and need minimal care and attention, only requiring a tiny amount of water every month or so. 
As long as they have plenty of sun to soak up, they're happy little things. 
There are so many varieties of succulents in beautiful wonder they appeal to the less green fingered among us (the boy has the green fingers in our household)
Here are a few I'm loving...

 And here are some articles you may find helpful for caring, growing and general maintenance of your succulent garden;

The obsession continues...

x x x

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