Monday, 30 January 2017

Free desktop & iPhone wallpapers!

Oooh some freebies to start off the week, woooo hoooo!
You may have seen a few of my instagram posts this month where I've shared typography bits and bobs...
Motivational phrases, 'Less worry, more smiles', 'The best is yet to come',
and a particularly current little lyric you might like from the soundtrack of La La Land, 'City of Stars'.
Or for giggles,
'Less TV, more reading (unless Tom Hardy happens to be on it)'

So, just for you lovely readers, I've made these designs available as downloads,
all ready to adorn your desktops and iPhones,
with more to come soon!

To download, click on your chosen design below, in either desktop or iphone format.

Less worry, more smiles - desktop | iphone

The best is yet to come - desktop | iphone

Less TV, more reading - desktop | iphone

City of stars - desktop | iphone

(All copyright of these designs belongs to louise / loveprintstudioblog.
They are for personal use only and must not be reproduced, copied, edited, or used for any commercial purposes)

x x x
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